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You may be an expert user of MS Word, but I am talking about some hidden features you could never know. I can claim that you never know all of the below-listed features of MS Word 2010. You may be well versed with the formatting of the document, drawing tools, Live preview, Track Changes and some other features Microsoft has introduced in MS Word 2007. However, you never know about some of the stunning features of MS Word 2010. Here they are.

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File Size: 640 MB

Developer: Microsoft

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1

Striking Features of Microsoft Word 2010

Widow/Orphan Lines

I am sure it is quite a new feature for you. Let me explain to make it understandable. The Widow/Orphan lines feature controls Pagination in Word. While reading a document, when you move to the next page, the continuity breaks. Widow feature adds the last line of the previous page to the next page as the first line. When the first line of the next page starts appearing on the bottom of the current page, it is called Orphans Control. So, the pagination becomes easier in MS Word 2010.

Distraction Free View

While creating a Word document, your attention may distract. So, MS Word 2010 brings a distraction-free document creation for the users.  The visual clutter of the Ribbon may distract your attention. So, you can make the atmosphere peaceful and distraction-free by pressing “Ctrl + F1” that will remove the Ribbon from the document panel. As you press the said keys, you will see some options regarding Ribbon. Select “Auto-Hide Ribbon” to enjoy distraction-free editing of the documents.

Outline View

This amazing feature allows you to fine-tune the complicated documents. You can reorder the text blocks and headings by using this stunning feature. It controls the display & hide of the selected portion of text. Furthermore, if you want to view a particular point in a long document, select “Outline View” and access your desired point quickly. It also helps in reorganizing the report in a long text document. It also facilitates you to quickly format the headings.

Quick Brainstorming Tool

Microsoft has made the Word 2010 a quick brainstorming tool for the user.  Just double-click anywhere in the empty document and start writing. It is highly beneficial if you want to insert graphics in the documents. However, you can use it for quick brainstorming while writing.

Transform Tables into graphics

Now, it is easier for you to transform the tables into graphics. To find this feature, go to the “Insert” tab and select “Object” from here. Click the “Text” group and select “Object dialog box” from the list. Now select “Object Types” from here and go to the Microsoft Graph Chart. Simply, you have displayed the tabular data into the graphic form. Not only this, you can format the graphic presentation too.


Earlier, you could write equations only in Excel. Now, Microsoft has facilitated you more by adding “Equations” feature to Word 2010. You can add the equation in your documents by using the “Insert” and “Symbols” option.

More Capacity in Clipboard

Now, you can add up to 24 items in the clipboard. MS Word 2010 brings a spacious Clipboard for the users. You can access the panel to add multiple objects in the documents at the same time.

Translate Quickly

The “Microsoft Translator” works more quickly to translate the documents in your preferred language and way. You can translate a word, a sentence or a paragraph. Even more, it allows you to translate a page or an entire document. So, it becomes easier for you to translate a document with a blink of the eye.

More Advanced Kerning

Kerning is not particularly required in daily routine. It becomes unavoidable if you are designing a document with large fonts i.e. the cover of a magazine or ebook. Kerning is used to adjust the spaces between two letters for a better display. When you open the Word 2010, Kerning is by default off. You need to switch it on by using the “Ctrl + D.” The “Advanced” tab contains “Kerning” feature for the users.

Inspect Document

When you want to share your document, you can take a look by using the Inspect Document feature. The feature allows you to keep the private information secret. It is a central console of Microsoft Word and checks for the sensitive data to keep it safe and private.

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