Download Windows XP ISO Free 32-bit & 64-bit

Microsoft released Windows XP for the public on October 2001. It made a huge success. The popularity of Windows XP was due to its simple user interface and easy to use apps. After Windows 7, Windows XP is considered the most commonly used OS around the globe. It is still running on some virtual machines and virtual boxes.

Windows XP Versions

When Microsoft developed Windows XP, it was the general notion that there should be a separate version for the home sitters. It should be less complicated. So, Windows XP came in two versions: Home and Professional. Professional version comes with some more variety of features for the professional and business personnel. The key features in the professional version include Remote control, offline files, IIS, EFS and backup programs, etc. You will not find these features in the Home Version. The Home version came with comparatively simpler apps and programs for the common users.

Salient Features of Windows XP

It supports up to 128GB RAM

The Windows XP Professional edition came with PatchGuard that improves the security of your system to a greater extent. It also helps in eradicating the rootkits from your system.

This version of Windows allows you to uninstall the driver update to Rollback to the previous version of the driver. It is vital to Rollback if the latest driver is creating a problem. So, for many users, it is the top feature of Windows XP.

The professional version of Windows XP supports the entire multicore CPU such as Intel Core series or AMD FX series

It came with the fast encoding of audio and video. So, you can play faster 3D video games in it without lags.

It came with Automatic wireless connection feature that allows you to access any system remotely. It is indeed the best feature that was introduced in Windows XP with its release.

It supports Portable PC.

It came with the option to install the software automatically. Furthermore, you did not need to waste your time in the maintenance of the software. It automatically maintains it.

The Help and Support Center was another major attraction of Windows XP. You could get the help of the Microsoft representative via email and call.

The network setup wizard in Windows XP enables you to set up your network connection easily by following a few steps. It was necessary for the time when Windows XP was released. The household users were not well versed with the setup of network connection and the wizard was greatly helpful for them.

Safe browsing is always the need of the hour. Microsoft first time added the Internet Firewall to stop the unwanted programs to access your system. It makes the system secure and allows you safe browsing of the internet. Even when you download a tool, there may be a malicious tool behind it. In such a situation, the Internet Firewall warns you about the risk of downloading this dangerous file.

Windows XP came with Remote installation services. It was indeed the best feature of Windows XP.

Fast Startup makes this version of Windows immensely popular among the users. It did not take much time in starting up. So, the professional people preferred it over the other versions of Windows.

The user interface was simple. Even a newbie can use it. The household users loved using it because of its simpler applications and easier user interface.

Technical Details of Windows XP

File Name            Windows XP ISO

Setup Type         Offline Full Setup

Developer           Microsoft

Compatible Architecture              64 bit (x64)

System Requirements

Make sure your system fulfills the following requirements.

Pentium 233 MHz processor or Above


1.5GB hard disk space

Download and Install Windows XP ISO

Before downloading the Windows XP ISO, you need to download 7-Zip Extractor. It is important because you are going to download Windows XP ISO files and 7-Zip Extractor will extract the files.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to install Windows XP ISO on your PC.

Go to the download button to start the downloading process. Once the Windows XP ISO is downloaded, double-click the ISO files to extract them.

Now, burn them into a bootable Windows XP ISO CD.

Once your bootable Windows XP ISO USB is ready, you can use it to install Windows XP on your desired system.

The on-screen directions will guide you thoroughly to install it in your PC/Laptop.

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