Download Windows Live Photo Gallery Free for Windows 10, 7 and 8

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a freeware that comes with Windows all versions for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. This feature is not only used to view and save the photos. It is also used to access the photos from anywhere. Even you can edit your photos. The modern era has changed all dimensions of photography. So, Windows Live Photo Gallery fulfills all the advanced photography requirements for the users and it comes with very attractive features.

Download & Install Windows Live Photo Gallery


Salient Features of Windows Live Photo Gallery

See below the salient features of Windows Live Photo Gallery to know why it has become an essential tool for every version of Windows.


Windows Live Photo Gallery has no compatibility issue with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. You can run it on any version of Windows.

Free App

The application is free and you can download this freeware from any online source. You do not pay a subscription fee to download it.

Image Organizer

Every image you upload to Windows Live Photo Gallery can be organized by name, date and the type of photos. You can create different sections of photos by using “Official, Friends, Home, Family” and many other tags. So, the photos are well-organized and it becomes easier for you to look for any of them.

Image Viewer

The application comes with built-in Image Viewer. You can view all the images you have uploaded so far. It allows you to Zoom in and Zoom out the photos too.

Image Editing

You can edit the images while using Windows Live Photo Gallery. It allows you to resize the photos. You can increase/reduce the size of the photo. So, it becomes fun for the users to edit the image and view their editing using the batch processing of images.


You can make slideshows by using a few images saved in Windows Live Photo Gallery. It is an amazing feature that allows you to create novel slideshows by using your photos.


Security is a very important feature of any application. Windows Live Photo Gallery is password protected as you have to create a Sign up before using it. You add a password and login details to access your photos from anywhere. So, your photos are absolutely safe while using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Clean and Clear User Interface

The User Interface of the application is clean and clear. It is a great platform to improve the quality of your images. You can use it easily even if you are a newbie. It does not contain a cluttered interface to make you confused while using. A clear and clean interface is easy to use and simple to upload and download photos.

How to Use Windows Live Photo Gallery

If you want to use Windows Live Photo Gallery, you need to create signup. It takes a couple of minutes.

Once you login to your account, you will see the “Upload photos” option on the top left corner of the Window. Select it and upload the photos.

If you want to edit an image, double-click on it. When it appears in a standard size, it will show you all the editing tools on the top of the image. You can rotate it, add tag and caption, make a copy, crop, remove red-eye by using all the tools given here.

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