Download Windows 8.1 32-bit & 64-bit ISO [Full Version]

After using Windows 7, the entirely changed user interface and tiles styled apps list in Windows 8 seems a splash of cold water. It gives a very pleasant and fresh feeling to use an entirely new styled Windows. However, it had a few big disadvantages and the majority of the people didn’t appreciate it. To fix the errors in Windows 8, Microsoft quickly released a new version of Windows 8 that was known as Windows 8.1. It was released and it conquered the hearts of the people with its new features and stylish outlook. Everybody wanted to get Windows 8.1. A few missing were felt later, however. But still, it was a great success.

Download & Install Windows 8 ISO

Go to the end of the section and select the right version of Windows 8 ISO.

Once, it is downloaded, create a Bootable USB/DVD to install Windows 8 in your system.

Attach the bootable USB to the system and restart it.

On restarting, keep pressing F2 and Esc key to enter the BIOS.

Select “Boot” from here.

You will see the USB option here. Press the down arrow to select it and press Enter.

It will show you a few options. Press “Exit Saving Changes” to exit BIOS.

Select the language, keyboard input method and Time & Currency format from here.

On the next screen, select “Install Now” to start the installation.

In the next section, you need to add the product key.

Now, click the box “I Accept the Terms” to move ahead.

In the next section, you need to select the type of installation. If you want to Upgrade the previous version of Windows, select “Upgrade” from here. Select “Custom: Install Windows only” option if you want to install a new Windows.

Now, make partitions of your Hard disk drive and select the drive where you want to install Windows.

That’s it. It will show you the installation process in percentage. Wait for a while until it sets up the Windows.

Download Windows 8 x32 ISO


Download Windows 8 x64 ISO


Salient Features of Windows 8 (8.1)

Easy Gestures

It is indeed the first version of Windows that truly comes with easy gestures. It supports the swiping from left to the right and right from the left to show the Charms menu. The Semantic zoom is another great feature. Suppose, you are reading the news, the Semantic Zoom allows you to view all the news with pinch-to-zoom gesture instead of scrolling the page downward.

Live Tiles

The apps present in the tiles are live and provide the relevant updates. For example, the Mail app contains your emails and shows you the number of recently arrived emails. In the same way, the News app contains the recent news and Calendar app contains the upcoming event alerts.

Lock Screen

It gives a refreshing feeling. If you do not want to unlock the PC, your Lock Screen will display the latest email alerts and weather alerts too. So, you do not need to open your PC to get an upcoming meeting alert. It will appear on your Lock Screen.

Apps List

The apps list appears with a powerful search feature. When you type a few letters regarding an app, it shows you immediately the relevant results.

Refresh and Reset

It is easy to refresh the app and reset your PC now. With on-tap/one-click process, you can refresh your PC. So, there is no more irritating situation when you have bugs and a slower PC. Just tap the refresh button and enjoy a refreshed and bugs-free PC.

New Settings Sync

Windows 8 comes with the feature to sync personal settings. The “Sync your settings” feature in PC Settings allows you to personalize your settings like theme, account picture, lock screen, colors, and background. Even, it allows you to use your own photo on the lock screen.

Quick Operations

It allows you smooth functioning. You can quickly switch from one app to another. It allows you to operate the tasks quickly.

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