Download Windows 10 Pro ISO Free 32-bit & 64-bit

Windows 10 came with a blend of the display from Windows 7 and 8. So, the Start menu that disappeared in Windows 8 returned to Windows 10 again. It was released in twelve different editions. But we will discuss here the most wanted edition of Windows 10 i.e. Windows 10 Professional. Before moving to the download section, let’s have a look at the striking features of this edition of Windows.

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System Requirements

A 1GHz processor or above

1GB RAM for 32-bit, 2GB RAM for 64-bit

16GB Hard disk space for 32-bit, 20GB Hard disk space for 64-bit

A valid product key

Download & Install Windows 10 Pro ISO

At the end of the section, you will find the link of downloading Windows 10 Pro ISO for 32-bit and 64-bit. Select the one that is according to your Windows version.

Create a bootable USB/DVD by downloading Windows 10 Pro ISO.

Now, use it to install Windows 10 Pro in your system.

You can use it to install/re-install Windows 10 Pro even at any other time too.

Download Windows 10 Pro x64

Download Windows 10 Pro x86

Windows 10 Pro Salient Features

It comes with a secret Start menu that is non-tiled. If you want a tiled Start menu it is physically present in it. When you right-click the Start button, it reveals the secret Start menu that is in textual form and brings the Run, Search, Features, Apps and many other options before you. So, you can quickly access to all necessary features by using it.

Microsoft BitLocker and EFS are included in Windows 10 Pro to ensure your system’s security in the physical world. The security of data is the foremost priority of Microsoft and it has introduced BitLocker to encrypt hard disk drive, USB drive, and other storage devices.

You get Cortana, your digital assistant in Windows 10 Pro edition. It is always here to assist you in searching for anything from the system or online.

Battery Saver is another amazing feature that accompanies this edition of Windows. So, you can work for a long time with a long-lasting battery if the battery saver is active.

You can access your system from a remote place by using the Remote Desktop feature in it. The Remote Assistance is greatly helpful in educating someone.

Hyper-V is another distinguishing feature of Windows 10 Pro. It allows you to test the insider builds without affecting the main system. So, you are able to run different operating systems on Virtual Machine such as Linux, older versions of Windows and the beta versions of upcoming builds.

Fast Startup, sleep, quick shutdown and search make it a worthy Operating System to use. It does not take a long time in operations.

Now, you can view the tasks comparatively. If you are working on multiple web pages, you can view them comparatively by using the Task View feature. It allows you to view the tasks comparatively and quick switching from one to another task.

Microsoft Edge browser included in Windows 10 Pro works faster to fetch the browsing results for you.  The fluent design, reading mode in it, and the built-in online sharing features have made it an unparalleled browser.

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