Download Psiphon Free for Windows & Android

While surfing the internet, there are a lot of sites restrict your access to the content. Some sites show a label that “The access is denied in your country” and likewise. For unrestricted internet surfing, Psiphon is a handy tool. It is a free VPN and allows you to surf the internet without showing lags. You can visit any site you like.

It is a very useful tool for the students who often experience the “access denied” message while searching content for their assignments. It is also a highly beneficial tool for the people who want to access the online music stores that are access restricted to various countries.

The tool allows you to access the content with faster speed. You do not experience disconnection in between.

It is simple to use. Only a few clicks are required to download it and the one-click process is required to connect the tool.

It is a safe and secure tool. It provides you with a safe path to connect to the internet. So, nobody can steal your account details when you are using Psiphon.

When you are talking about a trusted, speedier and simple VPN, only one name echoes in your mind and that is Psiphon. It is a trusted tool that allows you a safe and secure free internet access.

The tool supports all versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

It also supports all versions of Android devices. You can download it from Google Play Store.

How to Use Psiphon on Windows & Android

When you have installed Psiphon in your Windows/Android device, you need to launch the tool.

It will show a large “P” on the Home Screen. Initially, it is in red color that shows it is not connected. When you tap this button, it changes the color from red to grey that means it is connecting.

When the color turns into blue, it means Psiphon has connected and you have free access to the internet.

Below the connection button, you will see the current “Client Version” you are running on your device.

If you want to run the tool in Tunnel Whole Device mode, you need to root the device. the rooted device is essential because it needs the permission from SuperUser to access some root features.

The Logs tab shows you the current activities logs with the time and the mode you are running.

The Statistics tab shows various actions performed by Psiphon. On the top of the window, you will see the connection duration in hours, minutes and seconds.

The data received on Psiphon is shown on the left side and the data compressed by Psiphon is shown on the right side. You can check the saved and received data statistics in it.

When the Psiphon is running on the Android device, it shows a “P” on the top left corner of the device.

How to Download & Install Psiphon

You need to follow the button “Download for Android” given below. It will start downloading the Psiphon for Android.

Download Psiphon for Windows

If you want to get it for Windows, go to the button “Download for Windows” given below.