Download PC App Store Free for Windows 10, 7 and 8

When you talk about searching the games online for free download, PC App Store splashes into the mind. It comes with thousands of games and apps for free download. The important thing is that you can download apps and games from any online source. Then, why to download PC App Store?

The answer is that you cannot judge any online source as a trustworthy and reliable to avoid malicious tools’ entrance to your system. PC App Store by Baidu is an amazing tool that is absolutely reliable and trustworthy source to download any app or game.

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File Size: 22 MB

Developer: Baidu

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1

Not only this, but the PC App Store is also a greatly helpful application that allows you to keep your apps updated. This freeware is developed by Baidu. Besides to provide you updates of the apps, it also has a plethora of features for you. Let’s discuss some salient features of the PC App Store to know in-depth about it.

Salient Features of PC App Store

PC App Store, as the name shows, contains all of the games and apps. The application is regularly updated. So, you get the latest apps and games frequently when you launch it.

A very useful feature of PC App Store is “Uninstaller” that allows you to keep your PC free from unnecessary stuff. When you do not need an app, just use the “Uninstaller” in this app to remove the unwanted app with a few clicks.

The application also comes with “Desktop Wallpaper Changer.” This feature works automatically to change the wallpaper of the desktop. So, every time you open your PC, new wallpaper gives you a refreshing feeling.

The application contains a changelog with the Uninstaller. So, whenever you take an action such as you install/uninstall a game or app, the changelog shows you what you have done.

The application comes with a free store where you can find a wide range of free games and apps. So, you do not need to search the games on the internet. You can find all the important games on the free store to download without paying a single penny.

The Updater allows you to keep your apps and games updated. Whenever an update is available, you get a notification regarding it. So, it becomes easier for you to keep your apps and games updated.

The clear and easy-to-use interface allows you to read the reviews and to have a glance over the screenshots before downloading any app or game.

The powerful browser included in the application allows you to search your favorite apps and games without a delay.

The apps and games come in different categories such as Games, Security, Tools, Videos, Audio and Internet, etc. So, it is easy for you to go through these categories to download your favorite app.

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