Download MS Word 2016 Free for Windows 7, 8 and 10

MS Word is one of the most commonly used programs for documents viewing, editing and creation. MS Word 2016 being a part of Office 365 makes a major difference for the users as it contains some very attractive features. Let’s see how it is different from other versions of Word.

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File Size: 2MB

Developer: Microsoft

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1

Salient Features of MS Word 2016

Tell Me, Assistant,

The inclusion of Tell Me feature in it makes it thoroughly easier for the users. While working in Word, there may be a lost command you want to locate. No worries, Tell-Me assistant in MS Word 2016 allows you to locate any command or tool with the blink of an eye. It is an easy way to approach the tools. You need to type the tool here and it will fetch that for you directly. Suppose, you want to locate the picture compressor, just type “picture compress” in the Tell-Me box and you will instantly access to it.

Smart Lookup

Another distinguishing feature of Word 2016 is the presence of Smart Lookup in it. This feature allows you to look up a phrase, word or definition in your document. For example, you are working on a document where you have seen the term “Enthusiasm” and you want to look up the meaning of this term. You will highlight this word and right-click to select “Smart Lookup” and it will show you the web searches for the selected word. So, it saves your time and adds more convenience to your work.

Smart Lookup in MS Word 2016

Ink Equation

It is an unparalleled feature of Word 2016 that allows you to create a complicated equation by using a stylus, finger or mouse to draw freehand. Some equations cannot be found in the equation’s list of MS Word. So, you can create them by using Ink Equation tool in it. For example, you want to write 50/94 x 7 (60 x 40) / 40. You need to take time to write the phrase by using the keyboard. But Ink Equation allows you to write the equation instantly by using your finger or stylus. To use it, go to the Insert tab, select “Equation” and then “Ink Equation” from there. Now type your desired equations.

Ink Equation Tool

Improved Version History

Word 2016 comes with another amazing feature that is the improved version history. If you save a document to the OneDrive, whenever you make the changes, the new will be saved and the old version will no more exist there. But MS Word 2016 comes with an improved version history feature. Once you save the document in OneDrive and you make changes many times, every previous version will be present there. You can revert any of the previous versions instantly. To use this feature, you need to use the “Activity” button on the top right corner of Word 2016. It seems like a clock. The feature will show you all previous versions of the file with date and time.

Edit Shared Documents in Real-time

In previous versions, you were not able to edit a shared document in real time. If you have saved a document on OneDrive with your colleagues, they were not able to edit the document. But Word 2016 enables you to edit the documents in real time and the changes are visible instantly.

Simpler Sharing

The Share feature in MS Word allows you to share a saved document by using email. If you have saved a document on OneDrive or SharePoint, you can share it instantly with any of your colleagues. Once you have uploaded a document to OneDrive, right-click on the file to create its link and share it with your desired person. The Share feature also allows you to check who has accessed or modified the documents.

Shape Fill Formats

A wide range of the latest preset Shape Fill formats has been added to the “Shapes” gallery in MS Word 2016. You can use any Fill format to fill a shape like a flowchart or a table, etc.

Draw Tab

The draw tab comes with some unique and unparalleled features to add more convenience to your life. You can draw by using a stylus or finger too. It makes the drawing and inking tools a lot easier. You can illustrate anything by using the Draw tools according to your preference. If you have drawn anything with Draw tools, you can add some special effects to it. The special effects include Bronze, Galaxy, Ocean, Rose Gold, Silver and many more.

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