Minecraft Free Download for Windows 7, 10 and 8

After Super Mario, Minecraft is the most famous game for this generation. It can be truly called the Super Mario of this generation. Minecraft is indeed the best sandbox construction game created by Mojang. It is available in various editions. The paid game comes in Java Edition to facilitate the players in single-player and multi-player modes. The official free demo explains the gameplay for the players. The Pocket Edition of the game was released for Sony Xperia smartphones initially. Later, it was released for the Android devices.

When the game starts, you have to explore an unlimited world that lies before you. The virtual world allows you to build anything you want. It comes with the building of simple homes to the grandeur castles. So, you use your art of creativity to survive in the world. The game is available in different modes and all of them come with challenging situations to give you memorable game experience. You love playing it for long hours.

Salient Features of Minecraft

The name of the game has a combination of Mine and Craft. So, you mine in the game and then build whatever you desire in the given time frame to move ahead. At the beginning of the game, you start crafting simpler things and later, you keep building the complicated castles and palaces.

Marketplace – You belong to a large community where you can create a wide range of things by using different skins, maps, and packs. You will love your creations.

You can call the mobs, change the current time and many more by using different commands in the game.

The game comes in multiplayer mode. So, you can play the game with your friends. It allows you to team up to 4 friends while playing the game. The multiplayer feature allows you to enjoy the game in the company of your best friends. Not only this, the game has a wide online community where you can find thousands of expert players.

The game comes with different add-ons. You can create different things by using the free add-ons in the game.

The basic structure of the game works on the basis of blocks and wooden planks. You fix the blocks together to build your favorite things. You can fix the planks together and even unfix them too.

The game comes with different tasks to complete. You have complete freedom to play in your own style and create what you desire. However, the achievement system working in the game works effectively to guide you regarding the objects you can create by using the resources available in the game. You can use the material dirt, stone, ores, tree trunks, water and lava to build whatever you want.

The game is for the creative people. If you are creative and you want to enhance your creative skills, Minecraft allows you to polish your skills. You can use your creative skills to create a vast world by building houses, palaces, and even a bigger society.

Download Minecraft for Windows PC

Minecraft is available for Windows PC and Android devices. You can download its apk and Windows version by using the links below.



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