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MS Word is one of the most commonly used applications worldwide. The people use it for various purposes. Even the businessmen, students, scholars and the people from other walks of life use it to create documents.

Every version of MS Word comes with some attractive features to maintain the interest of the people. Microsoft tries hard to provide the users with more convenient features and alluring tools in every new version. Same is the case with MS Word 2013. It also has a lot of fantastic features for the users. Let’s have a glimpse of the uniqueness of Microsoft Word 2013.

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File Size: 644 MB

Developer: Microsoft

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1


MS Word 2013 Salient Features

Design Tab

The improved design tab is one of the major attractions of this application. When you are formatting the text, you want to add theme, colors, and format the fonts. In previous versions of Word, you will experience all the tools like colors, fonts, and themes separately scattered here and there. But the latest Design Tab combines all these tools at one place. It saves a lot of your time while you are formatting your documents. You do not need to waste time to look for Fonts, Themes, and Colors separately in all categories.

Improved Reading Mode

When you create a new document, you will surely think of viewing the document for once before the final draft. The Reading mode in Word 2013 makes your reading of document more comfortable. Now, you can read the documents easily by using the reading mode in Word 2013. It fits the document automatically according to the Window. If you want to flip through the pages of your document, you can use the on-screen arrows. If you are using the touch-screen mode, it allows you to swipe the page to flip through the pages.

Alignment Guides

The alignment tool is more improved and powerful in MS Word 2013. Suppose, you are using the text wrap option in anywhere in the documents in a Square, you will see it on the top of the paragraph. So, all the objects where you used text wrap feature will appear on the top of the paragraph or heading. In this way, it becomes easier for you to overview them and the content inside. The alignment guides appear on the screen to assist you regarding the objects.

Intelligent Collaboration Via Comment Reply

When you are collaborating with a person on Word document, the quick conversation becomes difficult to cover. Here, the Comments Reply feature helps you greatly. It comes in the form of a small bubble alongside the document. You can use it to add comments on different locations in the document. The Comment Reply feature shows all the comments with the Bubble sign so it becomes easier for you to follow all of them.

PDF Files in Word

You cannot open PDF files in MS Word in the previous versions. But MS Word 2013 has made it possible. Now, you can edit the PDF documents into Word. You can read the PDF file and edit them as you like. When you save the file, it is not saved as a Word document, but a PDF file. So, you do not need to install an additional tool to view the PDF files. It is a greatly helpful feature for the users who frequently use the PDF files.

Table Border Tools

Drawing tables can be very important for the official people and from NGO’s sectors. Microsoft brings a lot of ease for them to draw the table. It introduces table border tools that come with Line style, line weight, pen color and even the border styles. It allows you not only to draw a new table by using the new tools, but also to format the existing tables. You can format the table by adding the width, border styles by using the Border Painter tool. Word 2013 brings this tool for the people who had to download some other formatting and drawing tools for table borders.

New Tables

Tables remain a part and parcel of previous versions of MS Word. But the table styles remained always the same in all of them. This time in MS Word 2013, Microsoft has introduced a very useful new table feature. You can draw the table by using various options in it. Furthermore, the table types introduced in Word 2013 makes it a worthy app.


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