Download Kingo Root for Windows 10, 8, 7 (32/64 bit)

Kingo Root is a free tool that allows you to root your Android phone.  The term “Rooting” means to get the superuser rights. In simple words, it is the jailbreaking for Android and allows the user to access the rights and permissions of Android built-in software.

Rooting can be harmful to your device, but in some situations the rooting becomes unavoidable.

You can block the ads in every app if you root your device. The appearance of ads and pop-ups can disturb your game. So, you will surely want to add the blocks.

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File Size: 17.45 MB

Developer: Kingsoft Technology

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1

Why Use Kingo Root?

When you buy an Android phone, it comes with pre-installed bloatware apps. These apps consume a lot of storage space. So, you can uninstall them once you root your Android phone.

You can enhance battery life by installing custom ROMs in it. If you try to install a custom ROM without rooting, the system will not let you install it.

Another reason to use rooting software is to speed up your Android phone. When you buy a new phone, it works speedily. But gradually, it becomes slower. So, you will surely look for a method to boost the speed of your Android phone. The best way is to root your phone that will allow you to access the sub-system. Here, you can boost the speed of your phone by freeing up your Android phone from the apps that are taking excessive space.

Kingo Root Features

Kingo Root is a cool rooting tool that comes with a bunch of attractive features. In a wide range of rooting tools, it stands on a distinguished place due to its uniqueness. Here are some of the striking features of Kingo Root.

The performance of the tool is incredibly faster. It allows you to root your Android phone with the one-click rooting process.

Kingo Root supports almost all Android versions and all devices by SONY, Samsung, Google, Huawei, HTC, LG, Dell, Philips, Spice, Vertu, Vivo, Haier, Beno and many more brands. It successfully covers the Android 1.5 to Android 5.0 models from different companies.

Kingo Root preserves the battery life of your device. If you are using another rooting tool, it will consume a lot of battery. But Kingo Root works faster and resultantly, it consumes less battery power.

You can remove the pre-installed bloatware by using Kingo Root tool. It allows you to remove the bloatware that is occupying huge space in your phone. Furthermore, the unnecessary apps that are not used can be deleted.

Kingo Root allows you to customize the appearance of the display. You can use your favourite customization to give an entirely new look to your device.

Kingo Root gains the admin level permission to the software of your phone. So, you can change the settings, delete apps, install some more apps and do what you like.

Kingo Root tool is absolutely safe to use. There is no risk involved in using it. With one click, the root is done in it.

Kingo Root for Windows

Kingo Root for Windows is an advanced tool developed by King Team. It roots your Android phone online. You need to follow a few steps to root your Android phone by using the online tool. Go to the end of this section to download the Kingo Root for Windows.

Precautions for Rooting Android (For PC)

Before going ahead, make sure that

Your device is powered on.

It has a minimum of 50% battery.

You have a live internet connection

An original USB Cable is accompanied.


Once you have fulfilled all the above-discussed requirements, go to the download link at the bottom of this page and click “Download for Windows” button. It will start downloading Kingo Root for Windows.

Now double-click the downloaded file to install it.

The system will not take much time in the installation of the tool.

Once the installation gets over, double-click the Kingo Root icon to open it.

Now, plug in your Android phone to the computer by using the USB cable. Sometimes, your system does not contain a USB driver for your device. No worries, Kingo Root installs it automatically.

Go to the “Settings” and “Enable” the USB Debugging mode on it. (Keep looking to your device screen. When there appears the option “Always allow from this computer,” you need to tap over it)

Now, select the “Root” option to start the rooting. The rooting process may contain several rooting. So, don’t be panic because everything is fine with your handset.

You need to be very careful while the rooting takes place. Do not unplug or touch the device or press any button.

Now, the device will be switched on normally. Kingo Root has successfully rooted it. When it reboots, start operating it.

Go to the Home Screen and confirm whether you find an app “SuperUser” on your device or not. If it is present there, it means you have successfully rooted your phone.

Kingo Root apk

Kingo Root apk allows you to root your Android phone without using a PC. It is a very convenient tool that does not require a PC. Follow the steps below to download and install Kingo Root apk.

Go to the bottom of this section and tap the option “Kingo Root for Android” there. It will start downloading the apk file of Kingo Root.

Now, tap the downloaded apk to start the installation process. It shows you the installation in process.

Once it is installed, open the Kingo Root app.

You will see “One Click Root” on the Home Page.

Within a few seconds, the rooting process will start. It may occur multiple times. If it fails the first time, try it again. Keep trying it for several times until it starts rooting.

Don’t press any button of the phone until the rooting process takes place.

You will see a message that your device has been successfully rooted. Wait for a while until the device reboots.

Now, you need to look for the app “SuperUser” on the Home Screen. If it is present there, it means you have successfully rooted your device. Enjoy customizing it as you like.

Note: If the rooting by using the APK is showing an error, go to the Kingo Root for Windows section and download it. The success ratio of this tool is much higher than the apk.

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