Get Help with Notepad in Windows 10

Notepad users don’t want to quit this useful utility after upgrading to Windows 10. It’s a bare reality that Microsoft has worked effortlessly to make Notepad a highly beneficial tool in Windows 10. It’s now more productive and useful for Windows 10 users. Well, some new users of Notepad may want to get help with this utility in the upgraded version of Windows. For them, I am discussing all the important aspects of Notepad. Check them below and enjoy a smooth and peaceful working in Notepad.

How to Open Notepad

It’s very simple to launch this utility.

  • Press “Windows icon and R” to open “Run” dialog box.
  • Now, type here “notepad” and press the “Enter” key.
  • It will launch the Notepad application.

Another way to open this utility is via “Search.” It’s next to Cortana.

  • Go to the Search and type “Notepad” here.
  • Once the notepad appears in search, right-click and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

Notepad in Windows 10

  • It will launch Notepad.

View Text Without Scrolling

The Notepad users can’t view the text without scrolling to the right side. It’s a bit irritating for them because you have to scroll to the left or right side again and again to view the entire text. Well, if you set the formatting, you don’t need to scroll to view the text. Follow the steps here.

Open Notepad and click the “Format” tab in it.

Select “Word Wrap” from here.

View text file without scrolling

Now, you will see the entire document without scrolling.

Change Font Size and Style

You can change font size and style in Notepad as you do in MS Word and other utilities. Follow the steps here in this context.

  • Click the “Format” tab in Notepad.
  • Select “Font” from here. Now, you can change the font size and style.

Format font size and type

Cut, Copy and Delete Text

It’s quite similar to the Word and you can apply “Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete” shortcuts to change the text in Notepad. Follow the steps below in this context.

  • Highlight the text by selecting it.
  • Click the “Edit” tab in Notepad.
  • Here, you will see “Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete Text” options.

Use cut, copy and paste tools in text file

  • Select your desired option from here and apply it.

Note: You can also use shortcuts like “Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X” instead of using the above-given method.

Print a Notepad Document

Microsoft has made Notepad a very useful application for Windows 10 users. Now, you can print a text file you have prepared in Notepad. It’s a very easy task. Follow the instructions below to print the file.

  • Click “File” tab in the Notepad file
  • Select “Print” from here.

Print option in File

  • Now select the number of pages you want to print. If you want to print the entire file, select “All” from here and click “Print” to start the printing process.

Add Header & Footer in Text File

Header and Footer are included in the text file to highlight some important text like date, current time, page number, etc. This text appears at the bottom and at the top of the file. You can use the following codes to insert certain things.

Use “&d” to insert the date.

Put “&t” to add time.

Type “&p” to put the page numbers.

Type “&f” to add the file name. If you have given the file a name, it will automatically add to every page of the file.

  • Select the “File” tab from the top of the text file.
  • Click “Page Setup” from here.

Page Setup in File

  • Now, add “Header” text in the Header category and “Footer” text in the footer category on this page.

Add Header and Footer in text file

Change the File’s Appearance for Printing

You can change the appearance of the file if you intend to print it. Here is how you can do that.

  • Select the “File” tab.
  • Click “Page Setup” from here.

Edit menu

  • Now, you can change the appearance of the page by using the “Size” and “Source” options. See the image below to know where these options exist.

Page setup

Jump to a Particular Line

Like the MS Word, you can jump to a particular line in Notepad. It’s not a difficult task. Follow the steps here.

  • Click the tab “Edit” in Notepad.
  • Select the “Go to” option and click “Go to Line”
  • Now, add the line number to move to the same line and select “OK.”
  • It will move the cursor to that specific line.

Use “Find” and “Replace” in Notepad

Find and Replace are two very convenient options for the users of MS Word. Now, they can use these two options in Notepad too. Find is used to detect a particular word or figure in a document whereas; Replace is used to replace a phrase, word or line.

  • Click the “Edit” tab in the Notepad.
  • Select “Find” or “Replace” option from here according to your requirements.

Replace or Find option in Notepad

  • Now, add the word to find or replace.

Add Date/Time in File

You can add date and time instantly in the file by using a straightforward method. Follow the instructions below.

  • Click “Edit” tab in Notepad as shown in the image below.
  • Select the “Date/Time” option from here.

Add time and date


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