Top 15 Best XCOM 2 Mods in 2020

XCOM 2 brings unending fun for players. This turn-based tactical game is getting immensely popular among the fans of action games. You resume the role of a commander training soldier, drop soldiers on the battlefields and constitute an army for an attack. There are some isometric on a big map and your goal is to expel aliens from your world.

While having fun, sometimes, you wish to have some more fun by using some extensions that are called modes. You can use different modes to get benefits in one or another way. These modes add more spices to your game. There are thousands of modes for XCOM 2. But I have brought the top 15 for you. Check the list below and apply any of these modes to enjoy your game fully.

1. Free Camera Rotation

Free Camera Rotation mod

A detailed view of the environment plays a vital role in optimal planning in a strategy-based game like XCOM 2. This mode allows you to view the surrounding in a 3-dimensional plane. You can move on according to the rotation of the camera. The mod comes with zoom in and out ability. You can rotate the camera up to 45 degrees.

2. Full Character Customization

Customize your characters

In this mode, you can unlock the customization features for all characters. You can customize their hairstyle, attitude, armor pattern and much more. The mod is compatible with a savegame. When you use it, no achievements will be disabled. It also supports the War of the Chosen mod.

3. WOTC Female Hair Pack

Change hairstyles of female characters

Now, you can give a new touch to the hair of all female characters in the game. It comes with 3 vanilla mash-ups, 4 bandana hairstyles, and 14 short hairstyles. There are hundreds of hairstyles for long, Aster’s and braids, etc. You will love the variety of hair found in it.

4. Custom Face Paints

Multiple face paints for characters

This interesting mod brings 20 face paints for your heroes. There is no compatibility issue with WoTC. You can also use Helmets in the “Collar” option. So, enjoy gorilla force like face paints and be a true warrior in XCOM 2.

5. More Maps Pack

Get multiple maps

This mod brings new level plots, parcels and level layouts for players. It comes with an interesting plot known as “Urban Sprawl” in “City Center.” The mod also reveals packed buildings, hundreds of vertically located deep trenches.

6. Long War SMG Pack

prolong your wars

It brings 3 new submachines, all gun-type weapons, assault rifles and much more for players. This mod is a blessing in disguise for players who love a continuous action in the games. The Bonus concealment section comes with “enemies’ detection instruments.”

7. WOTC Male Hair Pack

Change male hairstyles

Now change the hairstyles and color of your male heroes. You can change their hair look to give a more dashing touch to their personalities. It also brings an option to assign them helmets for more security.

8. Star Wars Helmets

Get a variety of helmets

This mod allows you to assign different types of helmets to your characters. You can use a fighter helmet, flame trooper helmet, first-order helmet, scout trooper helmet, classic and many other types of helmets to change their outlook and for more security. These helmets are fully customizable. You can also use “Facepaint” and “Black Collar” to cover their neck. The Facepaint “Invisible” option is for those who don’t want to expose their character to the outer world.

9. More Squad Size Upgrades

Enhance the squad size

Now, you can upgrade your squad size. It allows you to add up to 8 soldiers to your current military troops. You can add and also remove soldiers from your troops by using this mod.

10. Long War Leader Pack

Get Multiple leaders

Now, you can train every soldier to make him a leader. It adds a development path for your soldiers. You can train them like Guerrillas. Train your soldiers with special perks and make them leaders. You can turn every soldier into a leader if he is at a sergeant’s rank or higher.

11. World Expansion Project

Expand your world

This mod expands the region. You can expand the world for more detailed wars and combats.

It includes house raids, traffic stops, dropship pads, and new advent checkpoints. Expand the world and enjoy a more detailed game.

12. Perfect Information

Get accurate information

It allows you to retrieve perfect information regarding aliens and your enemies. You can plan for the next move according to this information. It also displays hit, crit, and dodges for all your enemies.

13. Star Wars: Clone Pack

Get cloned soldiers

Now, you can clone your soldiers to get more troops. It’s a perfect idea to get a brave and powerful soldier. You can clone Captain Rex, Captain Keeli, Commander Wolffe, Commander Thorn, and Commander Fox by using it. The mod also allows you to clone the 501st Torrent Company in the game.

14. Numeric Health Display

Numeric Health statistics

It removes the standard health bars displayed on the screen. You can view a detailed numeric health status for soldiers, armor and enemies’ troops. So, you can use a strategy according to their health display. The mod doesn’t include a damage preview when you aim at enemies.

15. Flawless

Make a flawless move or attack

Now, add an interesting mod known as WOTC Flawless in the game. It allows you to use different strategies and tactics to win the series. You can use these strategies while fighting against your enemies. All moves are tactics can be used once.

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