5 Best WinRAR Alternatives in 2020

Compression is important when you have to send large and bulky files. It’s a very important feature to use for personal and business files. You can compress and decompress the large files to send them via email. For this purpose, the most common tool is WinRAR. Millions of PC users download it to compress their files. Well, it has some geographic restrictions. So, users living in restricted areas look for WinRAR alternatives to compress and decompress their large files. For such users, I have compiled a list of the best WinRAR alternatives. Check our list and select a suitable tool for your bulky files.

1. 7-Zip


7-Zip file archiver

This freeware is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can use this free tool with any computer whether it’s personal or commercial. It doesn’t require any registration. Simply, download and install the tool and start using it. The 7-zip supports 7z, XZ, TAR, ZIP, WIM, BZIP2 and other famous formats for packing and unpacking. However, for unpacking, it supports RAR, RPM, GPT, FAT, EXT, DMG, CPIO, AR, ARJ, CHM, CAB, UDF, and other renowned formats. If you use it for ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip delivers 2 – 10% better performance than WinZip and WinRAR. The tool has full integration with Windows Shell. It supports 7z files to extract automatically. The tool is available in 87 languages. You can use it not only with Windows but also with Linux. It has a built-in file manager to organize your stuff in different categories. The tool comes with a powerful command-line version.

2. ExtractNow

ExtractNow file archiver

You can extract multiple archives within no time by using ExtractNow. It’s a very simple utility that saves time. However, it’s not a full-fledged archival tool. You can use it to extract multiple files instantly to save time. The tool comes with a very simple user interface. It supports all major archive formats. The built-in search ensures a recursive search for archives. The tool keeps your archived files in an organized way. So, after extracting files, it controls them properly. It silently observes the directories and extracts the archives automatically. When you add some files you want to extract, it arranges them according to their size and starts extracting quickly. The tool has full integration with Windows Explorer. ExtractNow supports Lua scripting for advanced customization of your files. You can use it in all the famous languages in the world.

3. jZip

jZip file archiver

This small tool is based on authentic technology by Igor Pavlov. It allows you to create, extract, open 7-Zip, GZip, TAR and Zip formats. You can use it to extract and open RAR and ISO formats. jZip is free for commercial and personal use. This simple-to-use tool is compatible with all versions of Windows. You can use it to zip/unzip file archives. It supports almost all famous zip formats. It has an improved ratio of compression of the files due to the fast compression engine.

4. PeaZip

PeaZip file archiver

PeaZip is an absolutely free utility to archive, open and extracts the zip files. It’s based on Open Source technology of Brotli, FreeArc, p7zip, and 7-zip. It’s a user-friendly tool that comes with a built-in file manager. It supports 180+ formats including 001, 7Z, ACE, ARC, BR, CAB, GZ, ISO, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZIP, ZIPX, and many others. You can archive and extract files from the above formats. The software is free to use for commercial and personal files. It doesn’t display annoying ads. PeaZip is available in portable packages. You don’t need to install it. Simply, download the tool, extract and use it.

5. Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster File Archiver

It’s another best alternative to WinRAR. This free tool has a very simple user interface. However, the file manager and compressor are very powerful. It compresses with 2x times faster than other tools. It comes with a password protection feature to protect the zipped files. Hamster Zip Archiver supports almost all compression formats such as ZIP, TAR, 7z, RAR and others. It has full integration with cloud services. So, you can share and save the files in your drive. The only disadvantage is that it brings adware during installation. So, don’t select full installation while installing this tool. Instead, select “Custom Installation” and uncheck the adware installation option.

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