5 Best Webcam Apps For Windows

During a video chat or conference call, a good quality webcam is very important. If it’s not of good quality, the right app can deliver a fine quality photo. So, your laptop’s front cam can deliver a better image if you are using a suitable webcam app. Here, I have selected some stunning webcam apps that are compatible with Windows and Android OS. You can use them not only for Windows but also for your Android phone. Check them below.

1. IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera Viewer Webcam app

It’s amazing webcam software to keep you connected with family and friends via video call. It delivers a clearer and smooth image. You can use the beautify feature to clear the pigmentations of the face. It can be used to virtual makeup your face while the video call is going on. It comes with 200 fun effects to be used on video calls. It brings video brightness, exposure, and contrast according to your requirements. You can select from the formal and casual looks while using the cam. You can use it with great ease even without any tutorial. The app also comes with security enhancements like surveillance and face login. It supports Google Hangouts, UMeeting, Skype and other apps. It’s compatible with all versions of Windows.

2. YouCam

YouCam Webcam App

It’s one of the most popular software for the webcam. It comes with a clean user interface where you find all the required stuff in a well-organized way. The app contains a variety of editing tools, picture effects, and image filters. The scene filters, emoticons, distortion lenses, and stickers come in a variety to make your image perfect. The face Avatars and live animations make your video call like a film. YouCam supports Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and other famous social platforms. You can sync the app with Yahoo Messenger and Skype. You can save the YouCam images in different formats like JPG, BMP, and PNG. Furthermore, it can record videos in WMV and AVI formats. It’s a paid tool, but you can use the free trial that lasts for 30 days.

3. ManyCam

ManyCam Webcam App

ManyCam is a very simple webcam app and comes with all stunning video-editing tools. You will find a plethora of filters, presets and effects. The beautification effects like backgrounds, emoticons, transition effects, and face masks make your images completely changed. The most interesting feature of the app is YouTube integration, Picture-in-Picture and green screen. Moreover, the app comes with a variety of resolutions to record videos such as HD, Full HD, 240p and 480p. The noise suppression feature allows you to talk to a noise-free environment. Your voice remains clearer and no background noise is audible during the call. ManyCam comes with a screen recording and tutorial creating tools. The users mostly download this app due to these two features. It’s compatible with all versions of Windows.

4. YawCam

Yawcam webcam app

Yawcam is a popular webcam software. The app comes with a simple user interface and a clean setup of the features. It contains all the core features of the camera and video call. You can convert an image to a movie and text to image and vice versa. It allows you to talk to your loved ones on video calls in a noise-free environment. The motion detection feature is stunning for users. It automatically detects the webcam and notifies the users regarding the cam’s status. You can save the image in three major formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. Now, edit your images by using various features such as saturation, vibrancy, and others. You only need to move the slider to adjust the image quality and it will surely display the images in the finest quality.

5. Logitech Cam

Logitech webcam app

It needs no intro as it’s the pioneer of the manufacturers of webcams. You can use the Logitech webcam app with any webcam. It allows you to shoot videos, images, and to edit the images. You can use lots of other features like transition, beautification, saturation, contrast and noise cancellation, etc. The software has full compatibility with Windows. It comes with motion detection, sensitivity, and surveillance mode. The software is free to use. You can use the app with Facebook, Skype, and other apps too.

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