5 Best Torrific Alternatives in 2020

Torrific was a reliable source for downloading Torrent files with IDMs. It was incredibly fast and reliable. The easy settings, handy features and quick transmit of files make it really a worthy Network Transmission Provider. It was designed by Acceleration Labs, LLC for downloading files from the BitTorrent network. Torrific supports multithread for quicker downloading. Furthermore, it was free to use for downloading torrents via HTTP direct link. After closing down Torrific, the users are in a baffling situation. The majority of users are looking for an alternative to Torrific that could be used for downloading torrents. Here, I have brought a few best alternatives for Torrific users.


ZbigZ best alternative to Torrific

It supports all types of content. When the large files are being downloaded, you don’t need to keep your PC turned on. ZbigZ retrieves everything instantly. There is no restriction of network or software while downloading torrent files. It even works well if your PC/Laptop is locked by your ISP. ZbigZ downloads safely as an anonymous downloader. Nobody can identify your actual IP because the downloads are done on the behalf of Zbigz.

Another interesting fact about it is that you don’t need to install any additional tool to use it. Also, it needs no configuration. It’s a web-based application and doesn’t require any additional tools.

Zbigz works incredibly faster. The built-in player streams videos and audio files. You can watch movies without downloading media files. It also supports remote download.

2. Seedr

Seedr for Torrent downloading

Seedr is absolutely secure and doesn’t reveal your IP address. While downloading from any source, it sets a barrier between you and the web. The 256-bit encrypted connection and tight security make to a worthy app to use.

You can stream the content anytime, anywhere at any device. It’s completely accessible by using Android and Windows devices. You can stream the content on mobile devices, TV and even at your personal desktop.

3. Boxopus

Boxopus for torrent files

Boxopus allows you to download torrent files directly without using a torrent client. You can link it with your Dropbox to connect the media files automatically to other PCs. It keeps your identity secret while you are downloading files with it. Boxopus is easy and secure to use.

4. Put.io

Put.io for downloading torrent files

Put.io comes with multiple features such as online storage and torrent downloading service. The downloading service is extremely fast and keeps your identity secure while you are downloading. Due to the massive online storage, you can stream media files without downloading them. It’s a perfect option for

Combined online storage and torrent download service that lets you fetch and stream media without downloading to your computer.

5. Torrent2exe

Torrent2exe for downloading torrent files

It’s a compact-sized BitTorrent client that enables you to download custom-built .exe files with torrent files. The app is only 50 kb in size and downloads in no time. when you launch the tool, it automatically downloads the essential components to shape itself as a complete torrent client. You can use it to convert a torrent into a .exe file.

You can also add comments to the torrent files by using the option “Insert Comments.” It works incredibly fast to download your desired torrent files.