Top 7 Best Reddit-Like Sites in 2020

Reddit is the best online platform to know what’s going on in the world. It has hundreds of collections of links submitted by other users. These links provide you with interesting information about everyday life and weird happenings in the world. Once you visit Reddit, it’s impossible to stop yourself from visiting it. The content is so interesting that you can spend hours on the site. Being an addict, it’s interesting to look for some other Reddit-like sites to kill boredom.

Here, I have a bunch of handy sites like Reddit. All of them are open platforms and offer entertainment for everyone. Check them below.

1. Quora

Quora, alternative of Reddit

Quora is an open site for everyone and indeed the best alternative to Reddit.  Mostly, users can ask questions on every topic and get authentic replies from expert users. Due to the authenticity, it’s getting immensely popular among users around the globe. You can use Quora by signing up for free of cost. If you are an expert in a particular field, mention it in the subscription form and answer the questions posted by other people. Before posting a question, check the relevant platform and answers given by expert users on the same question. You can signup by using the Gmail or Facebook account.


VOAT, Reddit Alternative

VOAT comes with the same user interface and the same setup. It allows you to post images, video clips and comments on any topic. You can comment, like, unlike or repost any topic. Reddit is a bit strict for posting content. You have to follow lots of rules and regulations. Comparatively, VOAT is a bit lenient. You have to follow a few moral rules for posting content. The sub-categories on Reddit are called subreddits for various topics. In the same way, people use sub-categories on VOAT, called subverses. You can create a sub-verse according to your interests. It has a user-friendly interface as compared to Reddit.

3. Digg

Digg, Reddit Alternative

Digg comes with a clean user interface like Reddit. You can easily switch from one to another category. All material is well-organized in multiple categories. You can see the top-rated articles on the home page with maximum Likes. Diggers can share only quality stuff according to moral values. When you post some comments, the powerful filters scan it and reject it if it is meaningless or immoral. Your post is also rejected if it’s against racism or spreads hatred. People with different tastes come here and enjoy reading/viewing content of their desired genre. You can join Digg as a reader or as a contributor. It’s a free platform to raise your voice for your interests.

4. HackerNews

HackerNews, Reddit Alternative

As the name suggests, it’s an authentic platform for technology lovers. HackerNews isn’t only about hacking. It covers all topics regarding technology, hacking, entrepreneurship and many more. It’s enough for the authenticity of the site that the news are posted from Microsoft, Github, BBC, and other trustworthy sources. To keep in touch with the latest news about technology, join HackerNews. You can join it as a reader or as a contributor if you frequently visit Microsoft, BBC, and other authentic sources. The user interface is very similar to Reddit. You can downvote any post until you get 500 karma points. Indeed this free online source is the best alternative of Reddit for intellectuals.

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, Reddit Alternative

StumbleUpon covers a variety of topics like Entertainment, technology, News and many more. You can explore the well-organized categories to read about your favorite topics. It allows you to bookmark your favorite topics. The site is regularly updated and flashes new stuff frequently. You can signup free for posting or reading stuff according to your taste. You can like or unlike posts. If you post some content, it should not spread hatred or racism. Unlike Reddit, you follow a few moral rules and regulations for posting content/comments on it.

6. Slashdot

Slashdot Reddit alternative

Another best alternative of Reddit is Slashdot. If you love reading about the latest technology, it’s for you for sure. You can bookmark your favorite content. It fetches the news from thousands of trusted sources. You can be a contributor or a reader. It lets you signup for free. The site is updated regularly to fetch the latest content on technology.

7. ProductHunt

ProductHunt Reddit Alternative

This online platform provides you the latest information on gadgets, products, and games. If you are a technology lover, you will be a fan of this alternative of Reddit. It fetches the latest and authentic information. The website owners can read about the updated site designs and layouts. You can also get information about the latest apps. All categories are well-organized. You can signup to explore your favorite categories. It’s a free platform for everyone. Get authentic information regarding your favorite games before purchasing them. You can also join in as a reader if you are a newbie. An expert user can use this platform to spread useful information regarding technology.

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