5 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2020

Gmail is an immensely popular and No. 1 email client. It has more than 900 million active users. Due to a wide range of productive services like Docs, Android, Hangouts, Drive and many more, users prefer it. So, it is clearly dominating the email client industry due to fast syncing and other attractive services. But users want to get an alternative to Gmail because it reads all the information in your inbox, emails, drafts, and Drive. So, to keep your personal data private, users want to get another email client. Here are some best alternatives to Gmail. Check below and get the one that suits your needs.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook for Windows Users

The users of Windows OS will surely prefer Outlook as an email client. It’s easy to set up and use. Microsoft Outlook ensures an automatic syncing of Calendar, contacts, OneDrive, OfficeOnline, OneNote and others. Furthermore, it supports Skype and sends you Skype alerts. This email client brings 5GB storage space. You can upload up to 5MB/attachment. Moreover, it supports all browsers and mobile applications, Android and iOS devices.

2. Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail for Windows, Android users

Yahoo Mail needs no intro. It’s the best alternative due to the utmost security of your data. You can enjoy a wide range of Yahoo services such as 1TB storage space, Syncing of Calendar, Contacts, Notepad and Instant Messages. It’s a free service for every user. Moreover, Yahoo Mail allows you multitasking. You can attach up to 100MB file size in one attachment. Recently, it has introduced the “Paperless Post” feature that allows you to send stunning personalized emails to your loved ones.

3. iCloud

iCloud for Apple users

iCloud is another trustworthy email client for your professional and personal emails. You can choose it as an alternative to your Gmail account. For a free account, you can use 5GB storage space. It’s unparalleled in performance. This ad-free email client lets you sync your emails automatically. However, it doesn’t support POP3. So, while using iCloud, you can’t access other email accounts via it.

4. AOL

AOL for Windows Users

AOL is an amazing email client that’s widely popular among US users. Besides the security of your emails, it offers unlimited storage space. Even more, you can attach a file up to 25MB. You can add other email IDs to access via AOL. AOL offers you multiple choices for email address domains such as michael@love.com, michael@wow.com, michael@games.com, micheal@ygm.com, and others. You can personalize the settings, appearance, folder categories and much more in AOL Mail. Your data remains secure from spam and virus.

5. Yandex

Yandex, Gmail alternative

This Russian giant email client brings 10GB free storage space for users. Your data is absolutely safe and secure while using Yandex Mail. It allows you to sync emails, customize categories, folders, and display of the mailbox. You can upload up to 30MB file/attachment. Another plus point of Yandex is that it supports POP3/IMAP protocol. So, you can access all email accounts such as Gmail, Thunderbird, iCloud, Outlook and others.