7 Best GIMP Plugins in 2020

GIMP is the best alternative to Photoshop. You can create and edit a variety of images by using it. It comes with a variety of plugins to improve your performance. These plugins have interesting features, but it’s not an easy task to use all of them. Some of them are hard to install and users face a lot of compatibility issues. But all are not the same. I have selected the best plugins of GIMP for you. These plugins have good features and you can install them easily to improve performance on GIMP.

1. Dark Table

Darktable for GIMP

It has a user-friendly interface and advanced features like masking tools. You can use it for drawing raw images and editing. It’s perfect for Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW and GIMP. Pick it now to work with more perfection at GIMP.



BIMP brings incredibly practical and simple user-interface. It helps you to edit multiple photos at once. You can use it to resize, rename, watermark, rotate and crop all the images at the same time. The dialog box gives a preview of all the changes.

3. Beautify

Beautify for GIMP

It’s the most interesting plugin for GIMP. You can beautify your images by using it. Edit the image, remove red-eye, improve brightness and make your images more attractive.

4. Refocus

Refocus for GIMP

Now, make your blurred images clearer and give a fine touch to them before posting on Facebook. Refocus uses a special filter known as FIR Wiener Filtering to adjust the blur in images. It also allows you to view the changes in the adjacent dialogue box.

5. Stitch Panorama

Stitch Panorama for GIMP

It’s an amazing tool to make your panoramic images perfect. If you want to stitch multiple images to create a panoramic image, it’s the best tool for that. You can use it for blending images, distortion matching and correction of colors.

6. Liquid Rescale

Liquid Rescale for GIMP

It’s a powerful plugin to resize images without distortion. Furthermore, you can remove your desired parts from an image by using it. The tool works like Content-Aware Scaling of Photoshop. Every change appears in the dialog box of the plugin. You can find it in the “Layers” menu once you install it.

7. G’MIC


It’s an immensely popular plugin for GIMP. This plugin comes with hundreds of filters, effects and presets. You can give a new touch to your images by using it. Once you have installed it, you will find G’MIC in the “Filters” menu. It also allows you pre-download testing. You can use the online version before you download it.