7 Best Chrome Flags in 2020

Google has lots of hidden features for its users and “Chrome flags” is one of them. You don’t need to download flags to use them. They are a part of Chrome but disabled by default. You can enable them if you want to use them.

What Are Chrome Flags?

Chrome flags are some particular settings that are a part of Chrome for developers. These features include the functionality of Google. By default, they are “disabled.” The list of Chrome flags is pretty long. if you love using the new features, you would surely love Chrome flags. You can use them to boost the speed of your browser. They work to speed up the performance of hardware and GPU too. In short, Chrome flags can work beyond your thoughts.

Here are some prominent Chrome flags for developers and tinkerers. Check them and use them for better functionality of your browser.

How to Enable Chrome Flags?

Below are some important Chrome Flags. Read their description before Activating them. Now open Chrome Flags by typing “chrome://flags/” in the browser.

It will show you the relevant page. Here, you will see the Search bar. Type your desired flag’s command in the search bar to display it.

For example, if you want to activate “show autofill predictions”, type “#show-autofill-predictions” in the search bar as shown in the image below.

Enable Chrome Flags

1. Show Autofill Predictions

This flag displays the autofill predictions in your browser when you want to fill out an online form. When you want to signup for a site, Chrome shows some predictions to autofill the given form. It saves you time. You will see options for an email address, name, zip code, and some other information.


2. Parallel Downloading

This flag allows you to download three files. It’s particularly useful when you often download large files. You can speed up the downloading of large files by enabling it.


3. Tab Freeze and Discard

When you leave multiple tabs open, it automatically freezes and discards them. Since the open tabs use the memory of the system, this flag is highly useful and stops them from using memory. When you enable this flag, it freezes the tabs and you view the content in them without sacrificing memory.


4. Enable Reader Mode

This flag simplifies the web page and makes it easy for reading. You can use it in Windows to view the content with comfort.


5. Show Autofill Signatures

It’s another handy flag that helps add your signature automatically to the online forms. When you are preparing documents and want to add signatures, it automatically adds your digital signatures. Also, it detects the password fields that are compatible with password generation in Windows, Chrome, Android, Linux, and Mac.


6. Smooth Scrolling

When you scroll the page up/down, it allows you a smooth operation. Enabling this feature lets you read news and documents easily. It’s perfect for users who often read online content.


7. Lazy Image Loading

Sometimes, you visit a site where the images load in lazy manners. It may be due to some other unwanted images that starts loading at the same time. When you enable this flag, it enables the loading of your desired images faster by preventing the loading of other images at the same time.