Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Walt Disney quotes, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Seeing Adobe Photoshop CS6, I can recall this quote by Disney. You can also have a lot of fun while editing your favorite images to make them entirely new. Adobe Photoshop has been widely used around the globe for more than 20 years. It is a flagship application to edit the images. Adobe has released the latest version of Photoshop CS6 with a darker look and unique features. The previous version of Photoshop was a bit slow in speed. It contains a few new features, but the latest version CS6 comes with exceptional speed and a variety of features for the users. Let’s have an overview of the features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 to know in-depth about it.

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File Size: 2GB

Developer: Adobe

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/8.1

Adobe Photoshop CS6 System Requirements

If you want to download Adobe Photoshop CS6, you need to check whether your system fulfills the following requirements.

Operating System Compatibility Windows XP/7/10

Intel “Pentium” 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor


1GB hard disk space to install the program. Additional space will be required during installation.

1280 x 800 display is recommended and VRAM is required up to 1GB.

You cannot install it on a USB drive.

The system should be capable of OpenGL 2.0

DVD-ROM drive

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Features


The attractive appearance of Photoshop CS6 makes a great difference. The appearance is pleasance and presents a totally new look of the program.

Crop Tool

Cropping a photo was not that much interesting as it appears in Photoshop CS6. It allows you to change not only the size but the shape of the photo too. If you do not want to crop the shape or size, you can revert to the original image too. It is easy to change the format to the cropped photo and still, you can retain the original image. When you use the crop tool, the horizon is crooked that can be straightened in no time. Click anywhere outside the cropped image and drag the photo to rotate it clockwise or anti-clockwise. That’s it. It is straight now. Not enough, a Straighten tool also comes with the Crop in the Options bar.

Perspective Crop Tool

Besides the updated Crop tool, there is a perspective crop tool in the submenu. It allows you to straighten the objects that have been given in the photographs slightly angled. To straighten them, you need to create a marquee that will outline the entire area around the object you are straightening. When you crop, it is straight.

Content-Aware Features

The latest version of Photoshop, CS6 comes with two best Content-Aware features. The first one is known as the Content-Aware Move tool and the second one is called Content-Aware Patch mode. If you edit an image by using the Content, it will not edit the image, but only the surroundings. Let’s say! You want to edit the window panes and the style of curtains in the image. The content-aware feature allows you to make the changes according to your preference. The Content-Aware patch allows you to create different patches of a particular object and apply them to a certain location. It helps you to edit the image entirely to give it a new look according to your desire.

 Type Styles

Now, you can find a wide range of type styles in the Photoshop CS6. It allows you to edit your documents. You can change the settings of every word, paragraph, sentence, and phrase. There are different panels for every style such as Character panel, Character Style, and Paragraph Styles, etc. Select the phrases you want to edit. So, the advanced type-rendering engine allows you to show the text in a more visible manner with better anti-aliasing.

Latest Scripted Patterns Feature

Another major attraction of the tool is the Scripted Patterns feature. It allows you to create even the complex pattern designs in your image. Explore the drop-down menu of this feature to know how to generate various patterns.

Video Creation

Video creation is a prominent feature of Photoshop CS6. You can use it easily for video functionality. It is easy to use. The Photoshop Video tool allows you to edit the video clips. It also helps you to create an entire video.

The latest Adobe Media Encoder in Photoshop CS6 allows you to export your videos swiftly. It supports a wide range of formats including MPEG4, AVCHD, and H.264. When you import the video clips, they can be found in New Video Groups where they are easy to manage while you are editing a particular portion of a video.

Wide Angle Filter

Sometimes, you have captured a photo with fisheye or it appears as curved. To straighten them, you need to apply Adaptive Wide Angle filter to the image and it will apply the changes to straighten the object. You can use this handy feature to straighten the objects vertically or horizontally.

Latest Blur Effects

The Blur Gallery filters have been added to Photoshop CS6 to give more style to the blur. The famous blur effects in the latest version of Photoshop are known as Tilt-Shift Blur, Field Blur, and Iris Blur. All these types of effects are greatly helpful to create a blurred area in the images.

When you select a type of blur effect, it shows you the before and after effects. So, it becomes easier for you to notice the change.

Updated Drawing Tools

Adobe Photoshop CS6 allows you to use the erodible pencil. It comes with a variety of tips. Even the rate of wear can be customized. A wide range of add-ons allows you to give a new look to the image. You can use the Airbrush tip to spray pattern and the Mixer brush to mix the colors. You can change the speed of the spray by decreasing/increasing the distance between canvas and tip. The Brush Protection option in the Photoshop CS6 allows you to apply a wide range of strokes. The angle, direction, width, and length can be modified by using the stylus or mouse. The Artistic filter allows you to produce the oil-paint effects in your images.

Vector Layers Tool

The addition of Vector Layers in the Photoshop CS6 allows you to create shapes, objects, and lines. The new Align Edges and Snap to Pixel options in Vector Layers allow you to align the photos to a pixel grid.