Great news for visitors!

Dsmltools brings a golden opportunity for writers. Now, you can write guests posts on dsmltools. Remember, we encourage both enthusiasts and professionals, but we publish authentic material and high-quality content only.

Read the following questions and guidelines below before writing to us:

Q: Do you accept my posts free of charge?

A: No, we charge a small fee for it because reviewing and publishing content is a time-consuming process.

Q: What’s the minimum requirement of words in one post?

A: One post should be 700 – 1000 words.

Q: How can I submit my content?

A: Email us at clntnknn@gmail.com

Q: On what niches should I write content?

A: Write about anything relevant to this site such as Mac, Windows, Internet, programming, mobile phone tools, Android games, and productivity tools, etc.

Q: What kind of stuff you reject?

A: We don’t accept adult, political and illegal niches content. If you are interested in writing guest posts and you have good writing skills, write to us at clntnknn@gmail.com.

Benefits of Writing on Dsmltools

  • Thousands of our visitors will read your content.
  • We provide you one “Dofollow” backlink for your website.
  • A professional content writer can get new clients by writing for dsmltools.

In short, dsmltools brings fame, appreciation, and recognition for you.

Precautions for Guest Posts

  • We encourage all, but low-quality/copied content isn’t allowed.
  • Don’t put links from spammy/fishy sites in your content.
  • The posts should be free from grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t build spammy links to your guest posts. We are authorized to remove them without any notice.

How to Write a Post [Guidelines]

Use Headings: Make multiple sections of the post and use headings for each section.

Sub Divide: Add short paragraphs to the post. Also, don’t add long sentences because it can cause poor readability.

Min 1000 Words: The length of the post should be around 700-1000 words. Don’t fill words in the post. Add quality to your content. The post should contain relevant and useful information for readers.

Description/Introduction: Start with a catchy intro. Do research before starting the post and add facts. Make your post useful and interesting for the reader to get appreciation and recognition.

Final Paragraph: Add a final verdict to the end of your post and conclude with informative facts.

Images: The images should be copyright-free and mention the source as well. Add a minimum of 2 images to each post. Remember, the images must be relevant to the content. Don’t add irrelevant images.