Samsung Galaxy Fold: first rumors about the software

Yes, because the Samsung Galaxy Fold is anything but a mystical product and mystery, indeed. Samsung has made it known how it has been working for a long time on this project which it considers a milestone for its next development in the sector. Whether it is useful to return or not to be a leader we do not know at the moment, but certainly we can safely say that it could be a good breath of fresh air from several points of view. If it will be the trend and the trend to follow, this we certainly do not know now but only the future will allow us to understand it better also based on market reactions.

After the rumors concerning the development of the version of the product mentioned at the beginning but which spoke of a garment only dedicated to the US market, here today finally appears some detail that concerns us more closely to us Europeans. In fact, according to the latest rumors, we are facing a potential first sighting of the signing of the smartphone destined for the international market. To put it in short, we are in front of the product that should then easily arrive on our shelves too, following the example of the Galaxy Note 9 and all its predecessors. Samsung would then choose, once again, to differentiate the products at least in the abbreviation and related software. Now we need to understand if the firmware will be customized or if we are faced with a possible initial beta test maybe on more prototypes. Our opinion leads more in the first direction with two different smartphones and each of them dedicated to a single market in question.

Speaking of the technical characteristics, although there are details on the software on board, there are no news. The 512 GB of internal space for the user and the saving of files and support for the Dual SIM should be confirmed , nothing more unfortunately. No details on a hypothetical processor or even RAM available even if in the first case we can assume that we can have the double choice made up of the top of the range offered by Qualcomm on one side and the last Exynos on duty on the other. However, not even the rumors that spoke of an Exynos processor, then developed by Samsung itself, specifically for this hypothetical new cell phone of the Galaxy F. line, have been denied.

Finally on the name still no details. Galaxy F many have taken as a reference to the term fold which means in Italian folding. However it is still difficult to understand how and if we are faced with a situation in which it may have been chosen as the final name of the product. Of course from Samsung we can also wait, but we wait to understand better over the next few weeks. Launch date? Unfortunately, 2019 was given as a general year and therefore we can easily go from the next months until the end of the year.

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