Google Play Store, 9 infected apps downloaded by eight million users

It is not the first time that it happens and probably will not be the last: a new report from Lukas Stefanko ESET has unveiled the presence of nine malicious applications on the Google Play Store , which would have infected devices (smartphones and Android tablets) of an impressive number of users.

The nine applications in question were all part of the “remote control” category for smart TV: they would then have to function as universal remote controls directly from their android smartphone . Too bad they were simply software with the aim of bombarding users with invasive and adsense advertising, which immediately began to provide profits for their developers. None of them had been reported as such on the Google Play Store .

The malicious applications were installed on as many as eight million devices in all, and all had been developed by Tools4TV, an active android developer since 2015. Always be careful when downloading applications from the Google Play Store, you never know.

ARN provides a weekly wrap of the phishing scams, malware attacks and security breaches impacting organisations across Australia.

This week, phishing emails purporting to be from Office 365 and ANZ were being sent to Australians’ mailboxes.

On 12 September, email filtering company Mailguard picked up a phishing scam impersonating Microsoft Office 365.

The scam message is a simply designed HTML message that told recipients that their email account failed to connect and returned five incoming emails, and then asks recipients to click on a link that takes them to a fake website, acting as a Microsoft Office 365 page.

After the recipient enters its password, the page returns an incorrect password message, forcing the user to re-enter the password. After collecting the users’ credentials they are redirected to an actual Office 365 page.

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