Download DriverPack Solution Free for Windows 7, 8 and 10

If you are facing outdated drivers, you cannot run the relevant program such as the corrupted media drivers will create barriers in your way to watch your favorite movies. Well, you can update the drivers by using various tools, but DriverPack Solution is the best among them.

DriverPack, as the name suggests, is a tool that installs drivers and resolves the issues like corrupt or outdated drivers in your devices. It works in a very simple way and you do not need to follow a long series of steps to update the drivers. DriverPack Solution is perfect for the people who are not familiar with the backup/restore options and want to update the drivers straightforwardly.

Salient Features of DriverPack Solution

It is a freeware that supports all versions of Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit. So, the users of Windows can use it without restriction for any version of Windows. It is available for free.

It is portable and you can carry it in your USB or portable hard disk drive anywhere.

The tool does not install the drivers one by one. In fact, you can install all of the corrupted drivers at once.

DriverPack Solution displays the version of the current driver you are installing and the version of the driver you have pre-installed. So, it becomes easier for you to determine whether you are installing an updated driver.

The simple user interface makes the outlook clean and maintains the confidence of those, who do not have much experience in using the driver updater tools.

When you use it to update the corrupt drivers, it shows you the list of all the drivers, even the drivers that are updated and the drivers that are currently outdated.

It is a lightweight drivers updating tool that does not take much time to download. However, it requires an internet connection while working. But the people, who do not use the internet often, can use the “offline version of DriverPack Solution” that works in the absence of the internet connection.

The tool allows you to update and repair the drivers. It quickly replaces the outdated versions of the drivers and lets you download the latest drivers free from the online sources.

It is easy to use even for a newbie. All the important features are present at the Home Page.

It is a faster tool to download and update the missing, corrupt and outdated drivers. But sometimes, it works slowly due to the slower internet connection.

How to Use DriverPack Solution

You can use it to update the drivers by following a few steps given below.

First, you need to check the driver that is corrupt and creating a problem.

Now, open the tool and search for the drivers.

Once you identify it, click “Install” to start the installation of the driver. It supports multiple driver updating processes. So, you can update other drivers too along with the first one if needed.

That’s all.

Now restart your system and the driver is updated.

How to Download DriverPack Solution

It is a very compact sized driver updater tool that does not ask you to follow a long series of steps to update the corrupt, missing or outdated drivers. You can download it by using the following link.


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